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Having a fleet of 730 aircraft, Southwest Airlines manages its services from operating bases in Atlanta, Chicago–Midway, Baltimore, Dallas–Love, Denver, Las Vegas, Houston–Hobby, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, and Phoenix–Sky Harbor. To serve the passengers, the air management has established a team of passenger care professionals.

You can contact Southwest Airlines live person via chat support, email support, phone support, in-person support, customer self-service, integrated customer service, call-back support, social media support, and interactive virtual assistant support. It is true that social media platforms are gaining attention in connecting the passengers with the passenger care officials, but not all passengers prefer it. We, however, are going to discuss four highly popular channels in this regard.

Let’s start the journey of knowing the passenger care and its preferred ways of delivering passenger support services. Explore how to contact the aviation professionals via these channels. 

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  • Southwest ticket cancellation policy 
  • Southwest refund policy 
  • Southwest check-in policy 
  • Southwest seat change policy 
  • Southwest instant booking policy 
  • Southwest cheap flight booking policy 

Contact Southwest Live Person via Email Support

It is not possible for us to ignore the role of email support. The air travel aspirants use it to book one-way or round-trip tickets. It is an effective medium for canceling tickets, making refund requests, knowing baggage policies, and booking special meals. You can also send an email to Southwest Airlines' live person for making a call-back request. 

Contact Southwest Live Person via Chat Support

If you visit the official website, you will see a chat icon, which will lead you to the Southwest passenger care officials. This air group believes in providing live chat support to the globally spread passengers. Contact the chat professionals whether you are flying to any domestic destination or overseas city. 

Contact Southwest Live Person via the Telephonic Helpline

Pointless to say, that the phone helpline has emerged as the number one method of contacting the passenger care professionals. The aviation professionals associated with this channel are known for their timely support. Collect Southwest Airlines phone number from the contact us section and use it to get tips, manage booking, resolve refund issues, etc. 

Live person Support and Interactive Virtual Assistant Support

These years, in-person support and interactive virtual assistant support are gaining popularity among air travel aspirants. These two means are going to give you effective results whether you want to book a Red-Eye flight, cheap flight, or discounted fare flight. You can also contact the reservation officials to cancel flights or changing seating arrangements. 

Speak to Southwest Airlines Live Person FAQ

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This blog have shared all the methods to speak with Southwest Airlines Customer Service Live Person.


Easy 5 star, was shocked by the terrible customer service, gate agent was extremely good while we were stuck in Dallas for a weather delay, after being delayed 5 hours he announced the wrong destination city (the destination we were going) and instead of apologizing got defensive about there being "10,000 other customers also stranded". Had high hopes for Southwest as an alternate airline but I will be sticking to the big 3 airlines in the future.


Very supportable Southwest Airlines live person helped to make flight booking with all its policy.